Appalachian Regional Co-operative Homeschooling Conference
Saturday, April 9, 2005
Bethel Assembly of God
515 E. Wilson Blvd
Hagerstown, MD

We at the Appalachian Regional Cooperative are a nonsectarian group, serving the educational and social needs of home- schooling families in the tri-state area. We hope to give new , experienced and undecided homeschoolers the opportunity to widen their circle of home schooling colleagues, learn about resources, and share their own experiences. Appearances of speakers and panelists do not constitute endorsements by the Appalachian Regional Cooperative.

Directions for North or South - Take I-81 to I-70 East, Exit 29 B. At the 5th traffic light, turn right onto Wilson Blvd. The church is 1/2 mile on right.
From West - Take I-70 East, exit 29B. At the 5th traffic light, turn right onto Wilson Blvd. The church 1/2 mile on right.

From East, take I-70 West, exit 29B. Bear to right off the exit. At the fourth traffic light, turn right onto Wilson Blvd. The church is 1/2 mile on right.
Session Highlights
Homeschool Laws, Different Approaches to Homeschooling, Journaling for Kids, The College Commitment, Homeschooling Multi-Ages, Children's sessions


1. 9:00am - 9:30amRegistration/Snack table opens
2. 9:30am - 10:30amSession A
3. 10:40am - 11:40am Session B
4. 11:40am - 1:00pmBrown-Bag Lunch/Socialize
5. 1:00pm - 2:00pmSession C
6. 2:10pm - 3:10pmSession D
7. 3:20pm - 4:20pmSession E

For further information contact: Sandi Roberts @ 301 834-7420 or Email

Send release form below and check payable to Appalachian Regional Co- Op to:
        Deana Hannah
        53 Byron Dr
        Smithsburg, MD 21783

Please bring a snack to share. To lessen the possibility of many duplications, please bring a snack according to the first initial of your last name. Bring items in a disposable container and mark ingredients if not in the original container. The snack table will remain open as long as food is available.

A-C > CrackersG-I > CheeseM-O > DipsS-U > Juices
D-F > Quick breads/muffinsJ-L > ChipsP-R > VeggiesV-Z > Fruit

FOOD BANK - CLOTHES CLOSET: To assist with the Bethel Assembly of God's outreach efforts, we are asking each family to bring a canned food or clothing item to contribute.

The cost of the conference is $10.00 for one adult and $15.00 for a family. Checks are to be made out to Appalachian Regional Cooperative and sent to:
Appalachian Regional Cooperative
c/o Deana Hannah
53 Byron Dr
Smithsburg, MD 21783

RELEASE FORM: Please sign the release form and return along with your check. The release form is required for participation by the Bethel Assembly of God. Click here for the release form.

We are proud to offer Conference t-shirts this year. You must preorder and they will be available for pick-up at the conference. The conference logo as seen at the top of this page is on a light blue shirt. Order information at the bottom of the registration form.

If you wish to sign up two adults on this form, then have Adult 1 fill in Choice 1 sessions and Adult 2 the Choice 2 sessions.

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Session A: 9:30-10:30am
Choice 1Choice 2
Homeschool Dads - Craig Roberts
Talk with other dads about how to be supportive of homeschooling and help create a fun learning environment.
The College Commitment - Dan Brock & Ken Cosgrove
Dan Brock from Hagerstown Community College Admissions Office and Ken Cosgrove, Westfield College MA professor will discuss what homeschoolers need to do to get into college and give ideas on what colleges can offer to homeschoolers.
Bring Out The Star In Your Child - Sandi Roberts and Stephanie Smith
Success strategies to allow kids to grow up to be positive thinkers and become confident of their abilities.
Journaling for kids - Mary Hegamyer
Inspiring kids to write.
Different Approaches to Homeschooling - Deana Hannah, Mary Hudzinski, Wendy Knight
From unschooling to school-in-a-box and everything in between.
CHILDREN SESSIONS - Ages 5 and up unless accompanied by a caring adult.
CH1 - Making Crafts - (Ages 5 and up) - Jessica Reehl, Cindy Parks, Tara Petite (*8 and under)
CH2 - Origami - More than Just Art - (Ages 9 and up) - Irma Roberts
CH3 - Fairies - Joan Mohn

Session B: 10:40-11:40am
Choice 1Choice 2
The Homeschool Law and Your Review - Learn about the law for your state and what is involved in your annual review. Each state will meet in different room. Please sign up for the state you want.
A. Maryland - Jean Kreigh
B. Pennsylvania – Mary Hudzinski
C. West Virginia – Pamela Mann
D, Virginia – Shay Seaborne
Expectations vs. Reality- Am I Doing Enough? - Deana Hannah, Lesley Whalley
Homeschooling Teenagers with Confidence - Barbara Martin
You Bring The Questions – Sandi Roberts and her grown homeschooled children will answer questions about any aspect of homeschooling.

Working and Homeschooling - Krista Anderson
Can you do both? Learn from these experienced parents about how they have handled the need for working and homeschooling their children.
CHILDREN’S SESSIONS – Ages 5 and up unless accompanied by a caring adult.
CH4 - Hands-on Science (9 and up) - Eric Gershenow
CH5 - Signs of Spring - Cindy Parks, Tara Petite, Jessica Reehl
CH6 - Sign Language-(Ages 5-8) - Misty Sheehan

Session C: 1:00-2:00pm
Choice 1Choice 2
Unit Studies - Marti Grahl, Misty Sheehan
How to Get An Education Without School – Debunk "myths" about learning and teaching. Discussion will focus on an unschooling approach.
Is College Necessary to Reach Your Dreams? - Mary Hudzinski
Internships and vocational resources.
Tapping Community Resources - Stephanie Smith
How to use community resources and homeschooling groups to provide your childern with (almost) unlimited possibilities, both educational and social.
Homeschooling the First Year - Deana Hannah, Jennifer Hughes, Jessica Reehl
Pulling your child out of school, decompressing, and taking time to discover your children's learning styles.
CHILDREN’S SESSIONS – Ages 5 and up unless accompanied by a caring adult.
CH7 - Hands on Science - (Ages 5-8) - Eric Gershenow
CH8 - Gym Games - -
*CLOSED*CH9 - Sign Language - (Ages 9 and up) - Yolanda diFabio uses mime, acting, facial expressions and games during this time of introduction to American Sign Language.

Session D: 2:10-3:10pm
Choice 1Choice 2
College Choices - Dr Ken Cosgrove, Erin Cosgrove, Tara Roberts
Are you considering college? Find out the steps involved for admissions and financial aid.
Maryland Portfolio - Jean Kreigh, Marti Grahl
Homeschooling Multi-Ages - Donna Litton and Barbara Martin
Find out how to work with several children in the family learning at different levels.
Math for the Kid in You - Brian Roberts and Irma Roberts
Explore how to make math fun for kids, and how to make math fun to teach for you! We will demonstrate techniques and manipulatives you can use to get "them" into ma"them"atics
Homeschooling Special Needs Children - Mary Hudzinski
CHILDREN'S SESSIONS - Ages 5 and up unless accompanied by a caring adult.
CH10 - Cartooning (Ages 9 and up) - Alex Gershenow
CH11 - Flower Power (Ages 5 and up) - Mary Hegamyer
CH12 - Felting - Deana Hannah, Kelsey Hannah

Session E: 3:20-4:20pm
Choice 1Choice 2
Interactive Teen Panel - Panel of Teenage homeschoolers: Laurel Chapelle, Seth Chapelle, Emilee Grahl, Kelsey Hannah, Jeremy Martin, Dani Whalley
Come with your questions for this lively discussion and find out what homeschooled teens are really about.
Homeschooling in Hard Times -
How to homeschool without breaking the bank purchasing curriculum.
Homeschool Networking - Dee Dee Klipp, Stephanie Smith
Using The Internet as a Homeschooling Resource - Mary Hegamyer
Find out what resources others have discovered on the Internet.
High School Years: Preparing for a Career? - Dr. Ken Cosgrove
Looking at the path from homeschool to college to career.
CHILDREN’S SESSIONS – Ages 5 and up unless accompanied by a caring adult.
CH13 - Reptiles - Steve Gatz
CH14 - Cooking with Kids Sandi Roberts
CH15 - Chess Games -

Please print a copy of this registration form for your use before clicking the submit button. Remember to send your release form and check for registration to the above address. You will receive a confirmation of your registration by email so be sure your email address is provided. If you do not receive a confirmation within 5 days, please call 301-416-0344.

We look forward to seeing you on April 9 at our homeschool conference.

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